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ICT in Financial Inclusion, Taxation, Excise and Finance – Santanu Sengupta – Part 2

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Elets – A platform for disseminating creative ideas on ICT

Elets Technomedia is a technology media and research company that focuses on ICT in government, education, healthcare, agriculture and rural development sectors. Our mandate is to provide effective information on latest development in different ICT tools, techniques and their applications across our verticals through premier print publications, online portals and premier events, seminars, conferences and summits. Elets has created a name for itself as a technology media and research vendor of choice.


To strengthen and facilitate knowledge sharing platforms engaging with partners across the globe through International conferences to provide cross-cultural grounding to stakeholders and participants To provide stakeholders with a platform to share models of best practice, knowledge and experience on a range of issues in the domain of ICT in Governance, Education, Health, security, Urban and Rural Development To mobilise the communities towards creating a digitally informed knowledge society based on shared understanding

Elets Focus Areas

Elets provides an unmatched versatility for working with multiple partners and consultants to mutually share knowledge. With a vision to provide effective information on latest development in different ICT tools, techniques and their applications across various verticals with focused reference to governance, education and health, we

a) bring niche monthly publications;

b) provide knowledge exchange fora and

c) conduct research projects, primarily through Events & Conferences.

Month Loans No Guarantor for Swift Monetary Assistance

Running out of cash is one condition that can make your life miserable. There are many people who are living in United Kingdom on small income that is not even sufficient to meet basic needs let alone to deal with the problems that are of unexpected nature. The only thing that one thinks of when facing monetary shortage is how to overcome financial troubles. However, people who have no guarantor are the worst affected segment of the populace. 12 Month Loans No Guarantor is made for people who are a looking for cash assistance for dealing with such unavoidable expenses.

The hassle free cash assistance is designed to help people in dealing with financial woes that make their life smooth life tough and intricate. No matter where you are living in United Kingdom, you are very much entitled to apply for this loan by finding money lender online. In order to make the life of applicants simple and trouble free, money lenders are offering funds online. Online application form is easy to fill and is available round the clock. You can apply for this loan from your present location that too without producing any kind of documentation and faxing hassle.

As far as online application mode is considered, you will not be getting into any difficulty. However, it is suggested that when you are applying online you run careful search before choosing the lender. There is no dearth of lenders who are offering this loan but it is important that you make sure that there are no hidden and additional charges that you have to pay. Often there are so many questions that come to your mind when you apply for additional funds, clear all. This will help you in making a decision that will bring to you monetary assistance that is pocket friendly.

People from all over the country can apply for this loan even if they are living on a rented accommodation. There is nothing that will be worrying you when you apply for this loan. No asset evaluation means easy access of funds for people who are living as non homeowner. You will not be facing trouble of any kind regardless of what your credit rating is. People who are having bankruptcy, county court judgments, arrears and defaults issues can apply for 12 Month Loans No Guarantor as well. These are ideal to deal with problems that seek immediate attention of a borrower. So, get going now and fulfil all your pending needs immediately.

Vinnie Rowling is a financial expert and has been dealing with 12 Month Loans No Guarantor. If you want to know more about the financial terms, you can choose 12 month loans no fees, payday loans no guarantor, bad credit loans no guarantor and much more.

How to study at an English speaking university

Studying abroad is a great way of getting the most from your university experience. Not only are you taking a course that you’re truly interested in and one which will help you get to where you want to be in your chosen career, studying abroad will also help with your personal development, help you to perfect your language skills (written, verbal, listening and writing), and could even be a way of you finding a career in the country you choose to study in.

Many schools and colleges will help you with the university application process, but if you’re not taking the path most travelled and applying to further education in your home country, your teachers might not be fully aware of the process, the deadlines, and any necessary requirements such as IELTS courses.

In the UK, all university applications are made through UCAS. This is an organisation which will process your applications, acting as a middle man between you and the institutions to which you have applied. It’s through this process that you will submit all your personal data as well as your choices, and it’s also where you will see whether you have been accepted, and whether this offer is conditional of particular results from you courses such as IELTS courses and results, or whether it is unconditional and you already meet the entry criteria.

Start by choosing your course. With so many different undergraduate and post graduate courses available in a huge range of subjects, it can take a little while to narrow down your search. Make sure you’re looking at the right level, and that the style of course will suit you (some have lots of teaching hours, while others are more based in personal research). You should do a lot of research and this will help you to find the perfect subject as well as the course provider. Check the entry requirements and which IELTS course results you would need for your studies. There are different courses and some will have different deadlines to others, although this will usually be based on the institution. Some courses will want you to meet the requirements before you apply, but others will assume that you’re currently studying, and therefore will depend on your projected results rather than what you have actually achieved.

For all courses within the UK, you will need to be proficient in the English language. This is tested via a system known as IELTS, which gauges your understanding of speaking, listening, writing and reading, and whether you would be able to cope with this at university level. IELTS courses are available both in the UK and further afield to help you prepare.

Joseph works for New College Manchester, a school that specialises in English language courses and IELTS courses. In his spare time he has a passion for travelling and blogging.

Best Celebrity Stucco Homes

There’s plenty that’s already been said about stucco’s practicality and aesthetic. It hasn’t been used on homes since the times of ancient Greece and Egypt for nothing. So it’s common knowledge that everyday homeowners ring up stucco renovation specialists to stucco-ize their home’s exterior, either for weatherproofing or style on a regular basis.

What we don’t hear as much about is the amount and caliber of celebrities who have applied stucco to their palatial mansions, for the same reasons that make stucco appealing to regular people. Upon scouring glamor websites for examples, it doesn’t take long to discover a few of the rich and famous celebs, from recent and bygone years, who have resided in stucco homes. Rod Stewart

Even if your answer to Stewart’s 1979 hit -Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?- was a resounding, -No, Rod. Sorry,- you can’t deny that his estate pictured on The Enchanted Home is a sight to behold. Some people may dismiss yellow as a tacky color for a home’s exterior, but the designers of this house, which the source says Stewart owned as of 2011 – softened the blow yellow can have on the eyes with light blue window shutters.

Matt LeBlanc

The 46-year-old is best remembered for his portrayal of Joey of -Friends,- and not a whole lot else. But even if his acting career has slowed down in recent years, at least he can feel good about the stucco walls on his Pacific Palisades living quarters. The Zillow Blog reported on LeBlanc’s property in 2012, and didn’t quite make it clear whether he was living or renting, or a combination, at the time. But we can be sure he owned the building. Marilyn Monroe

Arguably, no one has ever embodied the idea of a -movie star- quite as completely as Marilyn Monroe. Partially for that reason, as was first reported by Top Erati, the Spanish-style stucco home she lived in while she was still alive became something of a hot ticket when it hit the Brentwood, California real estate market in 2011. But it had been plucked up by some lucky, wealthy Marilyn fan as of 2013.

Harold Lloyd

These days, you’d have to be either a major movie buff, or getting on into your twilight years to recognize the name Harold Lloyd. Nonetheless, the silent film-era comedian clearly made a few bucks in his heyday. Documenting his trip to the lavish -Greenacres- estate in Beverly Hills, the writer of the My Love Of Old Hollywood fan blog reported seeing an Italian stucco exterior on the decreased Lloyd’s former home, somewhere at the end of a long path that passes a greenhouse, numerous garages, fountains, and other flashy status symbols.

But if you’re thinking of remodeling the exterior of your home with stucco, or simply need existing stucco repaired, let your local stucco renovation experts know. They should be happy to help whether or not you’re a big celebrity.

Know The Difference Between Molluscum Contagiosum and Genital Warts

When a person starts noticing that something unusual is growing in their genital area, they usually experience a myriad of emotions. There is a mixture of fear, anger and embarrassment at what had caused these lumps and bumps to appear. This is because the possibility of having acquired a sexually transmitted disease that might be harmful and fatal to an individual is a reality. Two of the most commonly misdiagnosed skin infections are Molluscum Contagiosum and Genital Warts. Here is a guide on how to tell the difference between these two common skin infections.

Molluscum Contagiosum

This is a viral skin infection that is common to children everywhere; it is usually found in clusters or individually on the face, trunks and limbs. Adults who usually contract this infection can get it thru skin contact or sexual contact. It is dome-shaped, has pearly white appearance and indention on the center. Although it is harmless by nature and heals over time without the need for treatment, patients usually feel uneasy and uncomfortable since it attracts attention because of its unsightly appearance.

Parents who wish to have them removed can choose from different kinds of Molluscum treatment. There are surgical procedures such as curettage and cryosurgery for those who want to have them removed faster. Then there is also over the counter treatments such as topical creams, ointments that have salicylic acids or benzoyl peroxide for those who do not want invasive and painful treatment. Pulsed dye lasers can also be used to treat Molluscum if usual treatments do not work or are proven ineffective. Preventing Molluscum infection is rather difficult, since people cannot easily detect if a person or an item is infected with the virus. Genital Warts

Genital warts are only found in the genital area and can only be spread thru sexual contact. It can appear white, smooth and small or larger, fleshier and can resemble a cauliflower. While Molluscum is pretty much harmless, genital warts can increase the chances of a woman having cervical cancer. This is because the infection caused by warts does not go away easily and can last for years, turning unstable cells into cancerous ones. In order to remove them, patients can choose whether they prefer surgery, over-the-counter treatments or laser treatments. To prevent contracting genital warts, people are advised to practice safe sex and monogamous relationships.

Since genital warts and molluscum contagiosum have similarities and differences, it is best to consult a doctor and seek professional advice to help diagnose and cure them. To learn more about moluscum contagiosum please visit