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God-rej Aria Offer 2.5 bed room and study in Sector 79 – Gurgaon

Searching for a home that gives you all the comfort along with love is not a child’s play. Stop wandering here and there under the sunny sky to find out your sweet home. The new project of Godrej Properties- -Godrej Aria’ cuddled in the heart of Gurgaon, has brought to you cosy apartments with ample availability of light and fresh air. It is a joint development project.

Godrej Aria Gurgaon-the only choice for a perfect home

Carrying forward the old hallmark of innovation, superiority and reliance, Godrej Aria Gurgaon is becoming the epitome of exclusive structural construction of luxury homes that one can easily afford. It is located very near to NH-8. The project extends over 17.4 acres of ground located at the base of the Aravalli Mountains.

The flats are available in 2BHK, 2.5BHK, 3BHK and 3.5BHK styles. The sizes of the flat ranges from 1351, 1494, 1503, 1983 and 2289 sqft bedroom with study apartments This extensive project also provides 19 awesome, elegantly appointed sheds to watch fine green views. The Godrej Aria new project gives the lifestyle glib of swimming pool, fully loaded club house, concrete footpaths, gym area, speedy elevators, hi-tech security system, and playground for kids and grand parking. A group of well-executed Southern Periphery Expressway surround the complex. Its security system also includes security fire alarm. Here, you can glide on gated Community – Secure & Safe Celebrate your ceremonies in the multipurpose hall of the project.

The housing campus is located near the Northern, Southern Periphery Road and NH-8. This intersection enables you an easy access to hospitals, well-known schools, banks, restaurants and many other recreational centers.

These entire facilities combine together to make it the utmost spruce up personal dwelling project.

Buy Today the Cosy Affordable Flats of Godrej Aria

The planners of Godrej Aria sector 79 Gurgaon believe that the apartments are not only a brick and mortar place to live in. It also stands for the sign of pride reflecting the living standard, personality, safety, culture and society. The architects immaculately outlined the project by keenly focusing on minute details too and hence carried the engineering to the level of excellence. The management of Special Facility of Godrej Aria Gurgaon is under the supervision of Godrej Properties.

Each unit of the project is blended with beautiful surrounding environment to enable you to have a stunning vantage point. The complex is away from the congested city and jammed paths. The fusion of brilliant design and exciting natural panorama with fascinating aesthetics takes it to the top of luxury living where one can find serenity attached with reason ability.

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ePunjab School Web Portal brings Transparency in Education Department

ePunjab School web portal is an online software implemented across about 6,250 middle, high and senior secondary government schools for managing information related to students, teachers, school infrastructure, attendance, financial transactions, etc. The information is updated every month by the school authorities. The portal will soon be implemented across about 13,000 remaining government primary schools.


Modules of ePunjab School web portal

Infrastructure Detail: Information related to school infrastructure, building detail and school facilities are captured under this module. Information of the status of school building, condition of each and every classroom, availability of basic requirements like writing boards, electricity, furniture in a school is also covered. Availability of toilets, drinking water, ramps, computers, etc, is also covered to some extent.


Staff Management: Information related to teaching and non-teaching staff is captured as a part of this module. Every parameter from the date of joining to the retirement of a staff member, and other relevant information as required by various branches of education department has been covered under this module. This information is widely used for rationalisation and transfer of teachers and to access the future requirement of teachers and other staff.

ICT in Financial Inclusion, Taxation, Excise and Finance – S Kuberan

Please also visit FIPS(“Financial Inclusion & Payment System”)

Elets – A platform for disseminating creative ideas on ICT

Elets Technomedia is a technology media and research company that focuses on ICT in government, education, healthcare, agriculture and rural development sectors. Our mandate is to provide effective information on latest development in different ICT tools, techniques and their applications across our verticals through premier print publications, online portals and premier events, seminars, conferences and summits. Elets has created a name for itself as a technology media and research vendor of choice.


To strengthen and facilitate knowledge sharing platforms engaging with partners across the globe through International conferences to provide cross-cultural grounding to stakeholders and participants To provide stakeholders with a platform to share models of best practice, knowledge and experience on a range of issues in the domain of ICT in Governance, Education, Health, security, Urban and Rural Development To mobilise the communities towards creating a digitally informed knowledge society based on shared understanding

Elets Focus Areas

Elets provides an unmatched versatility for working with multiple partners and consultants to mutually share knowledge. With a vision to provide effective information on latest development in different ICT tools, techniques and their applications across various verticals with focused reference to governance, education and health, we

a) bring niche monthly publications;

b) provide knowledge exchange fora and

c) conduct research projects, primarily through Events & Conferences.

Accrual Accounting vs Cash-Basis Accounting

Managers want to earn a profit. Investors search for companies whose stock prices will increase. Banks seek borrowers who’ll pay their debts. Accounting provides the information these people use for decision making. Accounting can be based on either the

Accrual accounting records the impact of a business transaction as it occurs. When the business performs a service, makes a sale, or incurs an expense, the accountant records the transaction even if it receives or pays no cash.

Cash-basis accounting records only cash transactions cash receipts and cash payments. Cash receipts are treated as revenues, and cash payments are handled as expenses. Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) require accrual accounting. The business records revenues as the revenues are earned and expenses as the expenses are incurred not necessarily when cash changes hands. Consider a sale on account. Which transaction increases your wealth making an $800 sale on account, or collecting the $800 cash? Making the sale increases your wealth by $300 because you gave up inventory that cost you $500 and you got a receivable worth $800. Collecting cash later merely swaps your $800 receivable for $800 cash no gain on this transaction. Making the sale not collecting the cash increases your wealth.

The basic defect of cash-basis accounting is that the cash basis ignores important information. That makes the financial statements incomplete. The result People using the statements make decisions based on incomplete information, which can lead to mistakes. Suppose your business makes a sale on account. The cash basis does not record the sale because you received no cash. You may be thinking, let’s wait until we collect cash and then record the sale. After all, we pay the bills with cash, so ignore transactions that don’t affect cash. What’s wrong with this argument? There are two defects one on the balance sheet and the other on the income statement.

Balance Sheet Defect If we fail to record a sale on account, the balance sheet reports no account receivable. Why is this so bad? The receivable represents a claim to receive cash in the future, which is a real asset, and it should appear on the balance sheet. Without this information, assets are understated on the balance sheet. Income Statement Defect a sale on account provides revenue that increases the company’s wealth. Ignoring the sale understates revenue and net income on the income statement. The take-away lessons from this discussion are as follows:

Companies that use the cash basis of accounting do not follow GAAP. Their financial statements omit important information. All but the smallest businesses use the accrual basis of accounting.

Accrual accounting is more complex and, in terms of the Conceptual Foundations of Accounting, is a more faithful representation of economic reality than Cash-basis accounting. offers Homework Questions and Answers

A Fantastic Journey To Dream Land Of Dubai

Dubai has lots of attraction for tourist and people who go there for business purposes, as if now only Single Entry Visa is available for holidays, and multiple entries Visas is still under process and soon will be announced. Let’s check out what things fascinate Travelers To Dubai.

Tourist Places – Beaches, Public Parks, Monuments

There are lots of lists for various Tourist Places In Dubai, now for example top 10 lists of beaches, top 10 lists of higher buildings, top 10 list of restaurants, top 10 list of public parks, top ten shopping malls, top 10 educational institutes of Dubai, top 10 spots to enjoy night life in Dubai, Top 10 luxury hotel, Top 10 Budget hotel, Top 10 list of saloon and spas in Dubai. Other then these if you have time then you can visit a number of monuments in good condition in Dubai.

Shopping – Shopping Malls, Shopping Festival

DSF-Dubai shopping festival is the most amazing and awaited festival in Dubai once in a year. Here traveler and local people hanging around at the festival place and do enjoy shopping with great offers as discounts and other offers like buy one and get one free or buy 2 get 1 free etc. DSF always gets a great response as tourists come here for this festival around the world. Other then this Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates are highly populated by the travelers. Many types of offers run here during the year and get wonderful response.

Exhibitions And Trade Fairs

Many companies around the world come here and participate in many exhibitions, held in free zones and other places. Multinational companies not only participate in these exhibitions but also for their intercontinental staff meetings and seminars. Through this they get a strong observation and able to project their products and services response in advance. They show their products, services, expansion plans, various vertical of their business, financial reports, target accomplishment report and prospects reports.For Getting More Assistance On Dubai Tour Visit Here:

How Students are able to use Finance Homework Help sensibly

Financial accounting happens to be among the hardest subjects to learn. Therere many facets to financial accounting which is able to leave one puzzled while cracking cases & writing reports. Students are frequently short of time and are coping with diverse assignments. Online homework assistance websites are able to be advantageous for students, who dont wish being reprimanded for presenting the assignment behind schedule. Numerous websites present finance homework assistance online. Such online homework assistance sites are able to help you in writing down essays & dissertations. It is also able to assist you in cracking intricate case studies.


Heres the way in which students can use finance homework help sensibly.

1. Choose the topics which are vital a lot of students believe that taking a complete subject lesson is going to be more advantageous for them. In this manner they finish up having to pay more and are unable to handle the time on hand. Its best suggested that students do homework ahead of advancing on any finance assignment help websites. There are going to be a few topics where you possibly will not require a professional direction. Such topics are able to be left out while having a request placed for online assistance. It is most excellent to order subject matters only where youre unable to devote time doing research.

2. Select the correct assignment help website youll come across an inventory of websites offering assistance on financial assignments. At all times consult the client reviews on the third-party forums for understanding the true throb of company. Check whether the on-line help website sticks to its delivery time-line & quality commitments. Youre able to consult the site & see whether they employ professionals to assist you with the assignment.

3. Live Tutoring alternative: by way of finance homework help websites, youve the choice of asking for a live tutorial sitting. These sessions can be very supportive in understanding intricate concepts. Live tutorials are able to help you in making clear your qualms right on spot.

4. Improved Time managing: Assignment help sites can assist you to handle your time efficiently. Such websites are able to save you consequences for delayed submissions & assist you in being able to keep your educational record spotless. Youre able to ask for assistance on hard sections of the academic assignments & save time.

Its nevertheless important that you make use of finance homework help websites just for getting a lucid understanding of the conception and manner of presentation.

Mobile Application Development Houston Expertise In Every Concept Of Technology

Houston, a city symbolic of prosperity and also the most populous city of Texas, witnessed an intensifying technology upsurge dominating virtually all walks of human life with mobile application development Houston companies gleefully obliging increasing customer’s demand with regards to mobile apps.

Smartphone, iPhones, tablets and other digital devices are pervasively identified to be the life-connecting gazettes for today’s ultra-advanced human beings. This occurred with people’s sorely entrenched proclivity towards -never-seen-before’ adoption of these mobile technologies into all walks of their lives. This is emblematic of mobile technologies having deep-sunken into the life of mankind.

In addition, over consumption of these technologies never escape the possibility as to they contributed a novelty-like situation; that every fresh technology is meted out to be substituted by another subsequent one. This has apparently manifested a situation, something signifying -substitution of current digital technologies by the following ones- that eventually led materialization of fierce competition in technology market.

However, these competition-led scenarios have bred the essentiality of mobile application development companies, something so sought-after to answer today’s emerging requirements from various quarters like media, advertising companies and IT solution providers across the globe. Thus, companies felt the pressing need to outsource third-party application developers to have their in-house requirements successfully streamlined through time-bound solutions and quality deliverables from their respective service providers.

Also, if observed closely, we figure that the rise in popularity of mobile app development companies is in equal proportion to the increasing demand of mobile phones, smartphones and other digi-gazettes in the life of mankind.

Considering mobile applications have contributed an effective and scintillating contribution, something to intensify entertainment aspect of using handsets or smartphones, the demand of cellphone applications has risen to an unprecedented growth in Houston and across the globe as well.

Why Houston mobile application development company?

In view of the circumstances signaling notable upsurge in people’s life an unprecedented dominance of smartphones, tablets, phablets and other ultra-sophisticated digital devices, days to come are fated to see huge expansion in the number of companies offering mobile apps solutions.

The reason to support this assumption ties with this -not-to-be-overlooked- reality that we witness with everyday-rising demand of applications, those technology-assisted platforms like Symbian, J2ME, Android and Palm OS to solve effectively the requirements belonging to reinforcement of entertainment in people’s life.

Therefore, if you wish to evince a remarkable solution in your requirements concerning with mobile development, mobile development Houston, a name signifying trust and novelty, is all there to assist you in every way conceivable.

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Cufflinks – Growing Taller Secrets How To Stick With Healthy Eating

Cufflinks today, i want to share a little secret, with the highest growth. This trick will help you to maintain a healthy diet and prevent succumbing to you, your bad habits. Cufflinks if you are new to growing long and the community, as long as you can from the fact that the bad habits that are preventing your body may not be realized. All methods and techniques to increase the height have to replace your bad habits with good habits. Cufflinks in fact, these so-called good habits revolve around regular exercise, enough sleep and maintaining a healthy diet. The hardest part is to stick with their newly acquired habits long enough so that your body can be increased. Cufflinks especially when it comes to diet, it can be very hard sometimes to unhealthy temptations.

So, let me show you a little secret that has made it very easy for themselves and many others to keep a healthy diet. Cufflinks here’s a little trick when it comes to eating healthy in general: it is always easier to avoid what is unhealthy by forcing myself to eat only healthy. See, i believe that if you just do not eat unhealthy things, you have no choice but to eat healthy foods. Cufflinks it’s that simple! from now on, there’s just a question that you have to ask yourself: “is it unhealthy to?” if your honest answer is “yes” or “i do not know”, then do not eat it. Cufflinks if the answer is “no”, then go ahead and eat them with a good conscience. Cufflinks

Not only are you going to enjoy your meals much more than that, you also develop this new habit, which is much easier to stick with and have the same positive effects. Of course, if you just do not know what is healthy and what is not, then you would appear to eat anything (or only very little), following this cheat. . however, let me give you the most important guidelines to get you started immediately. Just as i believe it is important to determine what not to eat instead of what to eat, i think it will be easier for you to start, if you know the number one nutrient to avoid – which is saturated fat. If you can avoid eating saturated fats, you already have a healthy diet are well on your way. Also make sure that your diet includes adequate protein, calcium and magnesium. To make it even go a step further, drink plenty of water to drink soda and whenever you can instead.

Cufflinks i hope this secret growing taller has been helpful for you. This is something that i have been doing for a long time and it never failed me.

Performance of Bharti Airtel and BPCL on NSE

A couple of stocks turn out to be major gainers even in a moderately performing market. On December 4th, at pre-noon (11.47 am), both the indices of the Indian bourses exhibited marginal gains with sensex at 19332.41, up 27.09 points or 0.14 percent and nifty at 5880.25, up 9.30 points or 0.16 percent. Major gainers were oil, gas, and realty stocks. Bharat Petroleum Corporation on NSE gained by Rs. 7.10 or 2.06 percent. At 11.53 am, its price was perched at Rs. 351.

It is no good news for telecom stocks today. At 12:16 pm, Bharti Airtel on NSE was perched at Rs. 328, which was down Rs. 3.15 or -0.95 percent. Volume of shares traded was 1,207,941. The previous close saw its price perched at Rs. 331.15. It opened at Rs. 330. The low-high price difference witnessed during the day till noon was Rs. 5.35 at Rs. 327.65 and Rs. 333 respectively. Not much of a difference was noticed in the bid and offer price of Bharti Airtel NSE shares. The bid price was 327.95 for 245 and Rs. 328 for 76. Going by the 52 week price change statistics, the lowest was at Rs. 215.80 and the highest at Rs. 400.95.

Considering performance of Bharti Airtel stocks for the long term, as featured in its quarterly results in August 2012, its profit fell to its lowest level in two years, declining for the 10th straight quarter. The fall was a result of squeezed margins owing to cut-throat competition.

At 12:29 pm, Bharat Petroleum Corporation NSE gained by Rs. 7.75 at Rs. 351.65. The share price was up by 2.25 percent. Volume of shares traded was 374,801. While the previous close was at Rs. 343.90, it opened at Rs. 344.90. A difference of .25 paise was noticed in the bid and offer price at 351.65 for 12 and Rs. 351.90 for 34 respectively. The day’s low-high price was Rs. 344 and Rs. 352.55 respectively. According to the 52-week price change dynamics, the lowest witnessed was at Rs. 229.03 and the highest at Rs. 394.68. Investors of this oil company’s stocks can, at all times for the long term, expect to gain maximum returns on their investment. Quarterly results for the last couple of years saw the company’s profits and sales growing by the maximum. With a moderately rising market at the backdrop, Bharat Petroleum Corporation NSE shares will rise moderately during the day!