daily forex technical analysis

daily forex technical analysis https://freshforex.com//analitics/fresh-forecast/potencial/ is a method based on price forecasting information on quoted market prices (quotes), the amount (volume) and open interest (Open Interest).

The most important of these three components is the price. The study of the price of forex technical analysis methods is most convenient, because the information about the price, as a rule, available to the public, has a long history.

Note: the forex market technical analysis uses only data on pricing and volume tick (Tick volume is the amount of quotations) as the real volumes of data available, and the public interest is not calculated.

Technical analysis differs from other types of research also by the fact that it is based on mathematical, statistical, rather than economic calculations. All technical analysis methods are developed separately, so no strict system does not exist, there is only a set of methods or techniques, from the simplest (graphical analysis), to highly complex (eg, neural algorithms). Moreover, often various individual methods of technical analysis are contradictory. The only thing that links these individual techniques – general principles and axioms.

Technical analysis is based on three postulates, which are also sometimes called axioms. This analysis method differs from fundamental forex analysis https://freshforex.com/analitics/fresh-forecast/fa/. There are other indicators fundamental analysis in forex.

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